Workplace Charging

Workplace Charging

The market for plug-in electric vehicles is growing every month – and with it, the need for more places to charge.  Being able to charge at work can be an important consideration for those in the market for a plug-in electric vehicle. Workplace charging fills a critical gap in PEV charging infrastructure needs by extending electric miles, building range confidence and creating second "PEV showrooms" that help increase sales and technology adoption among employees. For example, a 2013 survey of California plug-in electric vehicle drivers finds 37 percent have access to charging at work. Workplace charging is catching on as employers see its value. 

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Case Studies and Resources

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2015 Webinars

The PEV Collaborative is hosting a webinar series on PEVs and PEV Charging. 

2014 Webinar

On October 9, 2014 industry experts and agencies/companies with interesting case studies presented about the growing PEV market, why you should install charging, the steps involved and what other properties have done to address this increasing need.

Outreach Tools

  • If you are going to an event and want to promote workplace charging and the PEVC documents, feel free to make copies of the Workplace Charging Tip Card.

U.S. DOE Workplace Charging Ambassador

The PEV Collaborative is a U.S. Department of Energy Workplace Charging Challenge Ambassador. As an Ambassador, the PEV Collaborative promotes PEV charging at work by collecting successful case studies and creating employer decision guides to help organizations create succesful workplace charging programs.  To learn more about the Workplace Charging Challenge and the PEV Collaborative's role as an Ambassador, click HERE   

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