Coast-to-Coast e-Mobility

Coast-to-Coast e-Mobility

Partnership with Coast to Coast EV Connection

The PEV Collaborative and Coast to Coast EV Connection signed an agreement in October 2013 to work together to help move the PEV market forward in California and the Netherlands.

Pilot Study to Assess PEV Policy Effectiveness in California 

The California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, Coast-to-Coast EV, UC Davis and the Dutch consulting firm APPM have partnered to study the effectiveness of PEV policies in California. APPM’s resume includes serving as the innovative consultants on Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport taxi fleet made up of more than 150 zero-emission Tesla Model S vehicles, and many other market-development projects as e-mobility thought leaders.

The pilot study results—available later this year—are expected to show how local PEV policies shape development of the PEV market, compare and contrast effective policies between California and the Netherlands, and to inform local and regional governments on effective policies that spur the market. 

The research focuses on municipalities in three regions: Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley and San Diego. An online survey asks participants to share their plug-in electric vehicle policies, covering:

  • Incentives or grants for public and private organizations, and residents
  • Fleet vehicle purchases and use
  • Charging infrastructure grants and incentives, public and private
  • Charger type(s) available (Level 1, Level 2, DCFC)
  • Workplace and home charging incentives

Completing the survey takes less than 15 minutes and responses will be taken through October 2015.

Experts at UC Davis and our Dutch partners at APPM are leading the survey and will undertake the study results and final report.  APPM has conducted several local government PEV policy surveys and research in the Netherlands, lending first-hand experience and knowledge to this effort.

We welcome you to take this survey and to forward it to local government colleagues anywhere in California, particularly in the three key regions of this study, to help ensure a robust response rate.

Take the Survey Now

For more information contact Vincent Dewina from the PEV Collaborative.  

Additional Background Information on the PEV Collaborative and Coast to Coast EV Connection Partnership


  • In October 2013, Coast to Coast and the PEV Collaborative hosted a workshop to share PEV activities in California and the Netherlands and signed an agreement to work together.
  • Learn more about the Coast to Coast innovation exchange here.
  • Visit the Coast to Coast web site here.